Reworking the System

If a woman can be held responsible for her actions when operating a vehicle while intoxicated, why should she not be responsible for her sexual behavior while drunk?

Drinking impairs reason. Granted. But women are not in a perpetual state of intoxication. Surely they are in control of what they drink and how much of it they consume? If not, should they not have learned by now not to go to the places where their rationality is automatically impaired inevitably resulting in rape?

Oh, but the feminists would argue that women should be allowed to go wherever they choose and drink however much they want without fear of assault. True. But unfortunately, we live on a place called earth, a planet populated by sinful human beings. I don’t take my children to the park at a questionable location in the middle of the night. It’s basic precaution. Likewise, if a woman knows the chances are higher of her being assaulted if she goes to certain places at certain times, should she not, at some point, arrive at the idea that maybe she shouldn’t go? 

The problem is, women aren’t thinking rationally. They don’t want to. Women would rather “have fun” and live the nightlife, drinking and sleeping around with as top tier of a man she can get. For a woman at the height of her SMV, this temptation to exercise her power is nearly irresistible. The allure of the admiration of multiple men and the affirmation it provides her self-esteem is too much to resist. But what women refuse to admit is the nightlife is a man’s domain. Nighttime enhances the vulnerability of women while simultaneously enhancing the daringness of men. Society does not impose these differences upon us. This is not society’s fault. 

It comes down to the nature and biology of the sexes (which is what feminists and their leftist friends truly hate, claiming that men and women are no different). Men are stronger than women, can overpower them, and can also handle more alcohol. All of these factors should be obvious warning signs, but women largely choose to ignore reality trusting in the law to protect them. Instead of adjusting their behavior according to potential danger, they rally and cry for legislation to aid them so that their “freedoms” will not be interfered with. Feminists demand the freedom to live how they please, while in the same breath demand that men cannot.

Instead of understanding that the sexes have been given certain traits and are wired to act in accordance with said traits, feminists deny the very existence of these traits. They refuse to accept biological, gender-influenced behavior and impose feminine characteristics onto society as the acceptable norm. 

So maybe these liberated women are thinking rationally after all. Not only have they learned how to work the system, they have rebuilt it to suit their sexual appetites.


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