Sluts Don’t Exist

The “slut” skipped the endangered species phase and went straight to extinct. Sluts are no more. 

A promiscuous woman was once considered a slut, but now, thanks to feminist liberation ideology, that is now common behavior among women. So instead of sticking with the original definition and applying a derogatory label to vast amounts of women, feminists have simply removed the derogation. They have shouted about their “right” to sleep with whomever they want without it being deemed slut-worthy behavior. 

There’s a name for this definition-twisting; it’s called equivocation. The feminists have hi-jacked the definition of the word “slut” without telling anyone they’ve done so. The word no longer means what it once meant and has now become next to definition-less. Really, who is a slut these days? The women who sleep around aren’t sluts, they’re just empowered. In their battle for “sexual liberation,” feminists have normalized promiscuity among women with the result that sluts are now commonplace. They’re so commonplace, that the word slut is now meaningless. 

However, some feminists do indeed claim the title in an ironic attempt at sarcasm. In typical feminist form, some women adopt the label in order to “stand in solidarity” with all of the other promiscuous women who have so outrageously been slut-shamed. We recently saw this demonstrated at the Women’s March where women donned the term “nasty” as if it weren’t true. Douglas Wilson tackled this faulty feminist reasoning perfectly: “[Ashley Judd] read a poem that began ‘IIII am a naaaasty woman.’ The rhetorical stance of her whole approach was to mock Donald Trump’s dismissal of Hillary as ‘such a nasty woman.’ But in order to mock something like that, it cannot be self-evidently true” (emphasis mine). 

What the few of us who haven’t been utterly brain-washed by feminism are compelled to swallow is that most women are, indeed, sluts. Feminists may try to change the definition, but it doesn’t change who they are or how they behave. They get to wear what they want, do what they want, and have sex with whomever they want, but all hell breaks loose if one dares apply a name to their behavior.

Feminism is constantly nagging at men to quit with the double standard (if men are promiscuous it’s ok, but if a woman sleeps around, she’s a slut), only to adopt their own double standard: we all get to sleep around and show ourselves off in public, but nobody gets to call anybody else a slut. Because if everyone is a slut, no one is a slut. This is the true nature of feminism; instead of lifting disreputable women out of their shame, feminism merely denies the shame, and, in order to prove it, brings all women to the lowest social level. In a sense, feminism has indeed succeeded in eradicating sluts, but they have done so only by making all women sluts.


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  1. It is sad to say it but churches are a huge facilitator of sexual promiscuity.
    This from a lutheran blog:

    I asked a nice high school girl in my congregation which did she think would upset her parents the most, which is the most socially unacceptable to people in our culture.

    a) teens in high school having sex

    b) teens in high school getting pregnant

    c) teens in high school having abortions

    d) teens in high school getting married.

    Without hesitation, she answered,
    d) getting married.

    See Pr. Mark Surburgs Cohabitation in the Church


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