About “FemaleAgainstFeminism”

I am a Christian woman whose eyes have been opened to the incredible dangers of feminism. I began to see this effect in the church when my husband and I lived in the heart of the evangelical world. Because of this, I write specifically toward Christian women, both those who have bought whole-heartedly into feminism, and to those into whom feminism has seeped, largely unawares.

I write because few do. Women willing to speak out against feminism are few. We, as a sex, are most comfortable when we all agree. Therefore, whichever is the prevailing ideology, we females will all get behind it and cling to its principles as our own. The few who dissent tend to do so quietly so as not to disrupt the sisterhood. I intend to disrupt the sisterhood. It is a false sisterhood and puts up a pretense of fighting for all women, when, in reality, it is the surety of their demise.

This blog is an attempt to oppose and dismantle the subtle, though lethal, influence of feminism.


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